Dr. Kenneth and Elaine Minnaert

Dr. Kenneth and Elaine Minnaert

The scholarship was created by Dr. Kenneth & Elaine Minnaert with the help of family, friends and community supporters. It is intended to support and foster success of the college’s students.

Dr. Minnaert dedicated the major portion of his professional career to creating opportunities for students to reach their dreams and achieve success. He provided leadership to South Puget Sound Community College as Dean of Instruction from 1975 to1980 and College President from 1980 thru 2006.

During her professional career, Elaine Minnaert served in several positions in the community, her last as Office Assistant in the Washington State Department of Transportation.

They continue to be strong supporters of the college and receive great satisfaction in helping students and seeing their success.


Yana Kovonenko, 2012 recipient:"
“Your generosity has inspired me to help others and give back to the community. Therefore, I am making it my duty to keep up the required GPA throughout the year as well as volunteer with the community. I hope one day I will be able to help students achieve their goals just as you have helped me. Thank you.”

Olivia Budsberg, 2011 recipient:
“I was thrilled to learn of my selection for this honor and I am deeply appreciative of your generous scholarship. Without scholarship patrons, there would be many students such as myself unable to pursue the career they’ve dreamed of.”

Serena Imani Korn, 2010 recipient:
“I thank you for recognizing my achievements through high school. This scholarship will help me in exploring my interests and achieving a degree.”

Rachel Zerr, 2008 recipient:
“I would like to emphasize that your acts of kindness have inspired my by the importance of community and the faith I can place in people I have not personally met or know. Thank you again for this door you have opened for me.”

Benjamin Pedersen, 2006 recipient:
“Thank you again for your generosity and commitment to helping young people like myself, succeed in their efforts to continue their education and pursue meaningful life goals.”

Brenda Gonsalves, 2005 recipient:
“Thank you again for the chance to excel and flourish at South Puget Sound Community College.”

Shelby Coley, 2004 recipient:
“I am extremely grateful. I thank God for putting people like you in my life.”

Megan Ross, 2003 recipient:
“Had it not been for your generosity, I wouldn’t be able to further my education and reach my goals of becoming a teacher.”

Jennifer Darby, 2001 recipient:
“I am looking forward to pursuing my interest in psychology and physical therapy and hope to live up to the confidence people have placed in me.”

Melissa Hoepfner, 2000 recipient:
“This is the first and only scholarship I’ve received so far and I appreciate it greatly.”

Anna Marchesano, 1999 recipient:
“I promise to do my best to uphold the confidence that this award represents.”

Lindsay Nesbit, 1997 recipient:
“I would like to thank you for the scholarship money. It will definitely help further my education. Not just here at South Puget Sound Community College, but when I transfer to a 4-year college. With this money paying for my books and tuition I am able to save to afford a transfer. Thank you!”

Stanley Phillips, 1996 recipient:
From a letter dated 06.14.06
“I wanted to write before you retired and thank you for your generosity and belief in me 10 years ago when you awarded me with the 1st Kenneth J. Minnaert Scholarship. It was an honor to be selected and I truly appreciated the gift and your kindness…
None of this would have been possible without people such as yourself believing and investing in me. You have made a tremendously positive impact on my life and the lives of countless students and families.”