Egbert and Florence Fell

Egbert and Florence Fell

The scholarship was created to honor Egbert’s and Florence’s belief in lifelong education. They enjoyed learning until their deaths in the 1990s. Why not become an expert gardener or weaver or explore fractals and robots in your 80s and 90s?

Egbert was a general surgeon who served in the South Pacific during WWII. He was one of the pioneers in cardiac surgery and performed Chicago’s first open heart operation using a heart-lung machine. Florence was a nurse, homemaker and artist. After Egbert’s retirement as Professor of Surgery they were missionaries in Kuwait, Iran and Ethiopia. They retired for a second time in Lacey.


Carla Underwood, 2012 recipient:
“Having scholarship help will bring me that much closer to my goals.”

Amiti Axe, 2011 recipient:
“Your generosity is appreciated not just by me but also by all individuals who strive for higher education but do not have the funds to do so by themselves.”

Andrew Gillihan, 2010 recipient:
“I know to complete my education hard work is in front of me, but with the help of this scholarship money it will allow me to focus on my continued education and not having to worry as much about the financial burden that a college education can demand.”

Hee Jeong Kim, 2009, recipient:
“This scholarship became an encouragement of my dream and turning point of my difficulties.”

Kendra Shippey, 2008 recipient:
“One day I hope I can give the opportunity of a higher education to a student just like me. I have been inspired by your kindness.”

Justine Sharp, 2006 recipient:
“I find that with the help you have provided, I will have the ability to continue with college this coming quarter rather than stop to work and save up funds.”

Kristin Robinson, 2005 recipient:
“This scholarship means a great deal to my future education and without people like you it would not be possible.”

Lisa Johnson, 2004 recipient:
“Because of you, things will be a little better!”

Huy Vu, 2003 recipient:
“With this scholarship, I will accomplish my first plan of attending and graduating from South Puget Sound Community College, which will contribute to my dream of majoring in engineering.”