Margie's Fund

Margie's Fund

Margie’s Fund was established in honor of my mother, born Marguerite Foerster (1919) in Baltimore, Maryland. She loved school and was a good student. Upon her graduation from high school, she was offered a full scholarship to a local college. She could not accept the scholarship. Her mother had been injured and disabled at the ice house where she worked, and, due to prohibition, her father had lost his job as a vat inspector at a brewery. Margie and her brother had to find work to help with family expenses. Margie valued education, and regretted missing an opportunity to go to college. Margie left some money to my husband and me when she died. We decided to use it to endow a scholarship in her name, and we believe she would be pleased to know that she is helping to enable other young people to achieve their dreams.

Carol B. Hannum and James S. Hannum, MD.


Jack Keith, 2012 recipient:
“Your generosity is helping me realize a dream.”

Virginia Wightman-Massey, 2011 recipient:
“Thanks to your generosity, you have now reduced my financial burden. This allows me to focus more on the most important aspect of school which is learning.”

Heather Betts, 2008 recipient:
“Your assistance will help me to achieve a further education and for that I am greatly appreciative.”

Lauren Gonsalves, 2006 recipient:
“Your help will allow me to further my career goal, which is to become a certified librarian. I feel so lucky to have been awarded this scholarship.”

Janis Moore, 2005 recipient:
“Your gift is contributing to my “growth” in several important ways. I believe your gift will enable me to develop my knowledge and skills to be of increasing service to humanity and the world.”

Crystal Mendenhall, 2004 recipient:
“I appreciate the opportunities you’ve given me very much, and hope that you enjoy the pleasure of knowing that you’ve helped me take a step toward accomplishing my goals. I look forward to working hard so that you can be proud of what was achieved through your donation.”

Andrea Jensen, 2003 recipient:
“The scholarship will take some pressure off of the financial end of things, so that I can focus my energies on doing well in my classes.”