Michael W. and Gail S. Shurgot

Michael W. and Gail S. Shurgot

Michael W. and Gail S. Shurgot

We started the William J. Shurgot Memorial Scholarship in the Humanities at South Puget Sound Community College in honor of Michael’s late father. Mr. Shurgot was a superb athlete in both high school and college, excelling in swimming, diving, fencing, and as a coxswain for senior crews at the West Side Rowing Club in Michael’s hometown, Buffalo, New York. After this accomplished athletic career, he aspired to be a physical education instructor, and would have been superb. But for reasons we have never fully understood, but certainly partly due to financial handicaps, Mr. Shurgot never completed all the classes needed to qualify as a PE instructor, and so never fulfilled his initial professional goals.

We therefore named our scholarship in William Shurgot’s memory because we want to ensure that the recipient of our gift has every means possible to reach his or her professional goals. As Michael spent his career teaching literature, and Gail was a professional librarian surrounded all her life by books, we have designated our scholarship to students specializing in one of the subject areas of the college’s Humanities Division.

Blessings and best wishes to the many worthy winners of our award.


Amber Sergent, 2013 recipient

Duncan Bartlett, 2012 recipient
“As someone who is currently working and going to school full time, this financial aid will not go unappreciated. The generosity you have shown me gives me new motivation to continue to work hard and better myself through school.”

Brandon Gordon, 2011 recipient
“Through awarding me the William J. Shurgot Memorial Scholarship in Humanities, I am now able to attend school with some peace of mind that my financial world not crumble around me.”

Katherine Newmann, 2010 recipient
“Your choice to believe in me and my education means a lot to me.”

Joanna Godsey, 2009 recipient
“There are not many who understand my choice to major in Humanities, so support from strangers is an amazing award!”

Christina Santos, 2008 recipient
“Your gift genuinely defines the heart of this scholarship and it is an honor to be the recipient.”

Nicole Sharkody, 2007 recipient

Daniel Bates, 2006 recipient
“I was very excited to receive the news, along with my family, and want you to know that we are very grateful to you for your generosity in awarding this scholarship.”

Justin Matta, 2005 recipient
“On behalf of myself and my son, I wish to thank you for this opportunity of continuing my schooling through your generosity and belief that I have what it takes to get the job done.”

April Wyatt, 2004 recipient
“I am so grateful for your scholarship. It is a total blessing that will really help me further my education so I can reach my goals.”

Kevin Springer, 2003 recipient
“I am certain you are well aware of how much you are giving back not only through your gift, but your eagerness to help students. There have been many times I have seen you, Dr. Shurgot, taking time to help students not only in their studies, but in their planning for the future. The world needs more men and women like the Shurgots who are willing and ready to give. Thank you.”

Alessandro Rutigliano, 2002 recipient

Brianne McAllister, 2001 recipient
“Thank you for helping me in my academic pursuits. Your kindness is deeply appreciated.”

Jessica Richardson, 2000 recipient

Jennifer Hall, 1999 recipient

Rick Gassaway, 1998 recipient